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Welcome to Luminit where the transformation of light leads to endless possibilities! Luminit is renowned worldwide for developing some of the most advanced technologies for shaping, diffusing and controlling light. Chances are you’ve already seen our light management solutions in one of hundreds of retail stores, some of the world’s most prestigious museums, or at a recent concert or stage show. Luminit lighting management solutions are also used in aircraft and automotive instrument panels, cell phones and PDA displays, even barcode scanners. How did we get here? More

Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers technology used on the overhead aircraft lighting.

In more places than you think! Our Light Shaping Diffusers are bending, shaping and enhancing light beams in automotive lighting, exterior/interior lightning, in stages and concert halls, projection systems, monitors and displays, bar code scanners, and more.

Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers homogenize LED lights, reduce hot spots, reduce multiple shadows, control beam angle, reduce scalloping, control glare and more.

New Volumetric Light Shaping Diffusers for Ceiling Fixtures

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